Covid-19 Update

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Dear Customers,


Please find in the following link, the members of our Clinic in the list of Volunteers in the Voluntary Anti-Epidemic Assistance Programme for Chinese Medicine Support in UK, whereby we have helped thousands of Chinese Students and Scholars in the UK in the last few weeks for improvement of their signs and symptoms of Covid-19 with Chinese Medicine, the approach of which has been evidenced as effective in both clinical observation and scientific research in mainland China.

With the same experience, we are able to help you pull through the most difficult time in our life.

Let's work together!

Real Herbs

(Notes of 08/04/2020)


Dear Customers,


To streamline our online consultation and  distant herbal treatment, we recommend you to download the mobile App of WeChat, which is more convenient than email and allows easy written and voice messaging and instant transmission of photographs, such as  of images of tongue . 


Once you have downloaded the App, please search on it for "tanxiang1212" (WeChat ID for Isabel), or "laonong3519" (WeChat ID for Jun); then  Add Friends, you will be able to reach us at any time that is convenient for you.

Meanwhile, it is also recommended to download a Zoom Meeting software to your computer or mobile phone, so that we could talk face to face wherever you are.

When our online communication is connected, our consultation can be conducted almost as same as face to face. Your herbs will be delivered to your door if we decide to do the herbs for your conditions after you pay the fee and cost via internet banking to our designated bank account.

Wishing you stay healthy and safe!

Real Herbs

(Notes on 05/04/2020)




Dear Customers,

In view of the current Covid19 epidemic in the UK, our management decided to suspend temporarily our on-site treatment from the 16th March 2020, so as to safeguard the health and safety of our existing customers.


Nevertheless our consultation service to the community will continue as online only at


The date to resume to full scale service is pending further notice. We will keep you posted about the progress at our webpage:


Wishing you all a health and safe Spring!



Real Herbs Surbiton

(Notes on 16/03/2020)