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Acupuncure in Surbiton at Real Herbs - Back Pain
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Acupuncure in Surbiton at Real Herbs - QuickFix Pain & Stress

Dear Customers,

Along with the opening up of  the recent lockdown, we resumed our services to local community on every Wednesday and Saturday, but at a different location - Surbiton Health Food Store & Clinic, 14 Claremont Road KT6 4QU.

Since the time slot is much limited than before, early booking via phone to our mobile is highly recommended, to make sure your preferred date and time available.

Meanwhile it is advised to bring your own bath towel to keep yourself warm during treatment, for purpose of stopping any potential cross-infection of Covid19. 

Online service via WeChat or WhatsApp has been continuously available since the first National Lockdown of April 2020.

As you may already know, Real Herbs has provided acupuncture and medicinal herbs to our valued customers from 2005. Since  then we have seen thousands of people, from all over the world, who have registered with us and received treatment on a regular basis.

For over 10 years we have been delighted to hear how conditions have either been cured or significantly improved with our help; particularly when conventional medicine has had little effect. Especially rewarding was an intervention to stabilise a passenger who suffered a heart attack on a flight to Beijing! 

We have also shared in the excitement of hundreds of couples who have successfully conceived and gone on to become parents of healthy babies, either with the help of our treatment alone or as an enhancement to their IVF and IUI.

We constantly strive to improve our services by building on our experience of best practice - past and present.

Now well established in Surbiton and the surrounding area, we at Real Herbs like to think our strength lies in providing you and other members of our community with the most solid, cost-effective and quality service that we can.

Real Herbs

Acupuncure in Surbiton at Real Herbs - Fertility Boost

All our practitioners are all full members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) with 30 years' experience in the field.​
















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Acupuncure in Surbiton at Real Herbs, Innovative & Classical
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