"Outstanding in morality and life" - this plaque was inscribed by a Hanlin Academy Member and conferred to one of Jun's ancestors in 1867. It was awarded by the prefectural government  for contributions to the local community.

​The public  chronicles in which the life of one of Jun's ancestors was recorded.  "Having saved numerous lives of children free of charge in a pandemic" is mentioned in particular.

Jun Xu


Jun graduated from Shandong Medical University in 1986, then worked as a resident doctor in a teaching hospital, part of the prestigious Beijing Medical University.

He had early exposure to acupuncture and medicinal herbs thanks to his family who had engaged in medicine for generations (traced back to mid 1800s according to public records). 


He believes that a practitioner's approach is key to effective treatment. With the right attitude you can always improve your existing techniques and adapt them to the needs of any particular patient.


As a medical doctor, he advocates the principle - "Be grateful to patients, and reverential to methodology". ​This stems from a belief that the patient offers an opportunity for a doctor to flourish in their professional knowledge and experience and that the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a product of lifelong endeavours of hundreds of generations of practitioners in the past.  


Jun's most rewarding experience was when he was able to use Traditional Chinese Medicine to help a passenger who suffered a heart attack on a flight to Beijing in September 2007. The crew put out a critical emergency call when they couldn't improve the patient's condition. Using only acupuncture needles in a new treatment he devised himself, Jun brought about recovery in a matter of minutes. Happily, the patient remained stable for the rest of the flight, which landed several hours later.



Fertility Enhancement

Gynecological Illness

Endocrinological Disorders

Pain & Stress Management

​Skin Problems

Neurological Problems

​And more ...

Isabel Yang

Isabel graduated from Shandong Medical University. She started her professional career in 1987 as a resident doctor in the Endocrinology Section of the highly respected China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing. 

Attracted by the hospital's exceptional reputation in Integrative Medicine, Isabel accumulated vast experience in applying this approaches to complex health issues . 


Several eminent figures in Integrative Medicine, including Professor Shaowu Chen, the Chairman of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (1993-1999), inspired Isabel to develop her own treatment principles to protect the self healing capacity of each patient:

  • If fewer needles can achieve an effect, never use more;

  • If acupuncture can solve the problem, there is no need for medicinal herbs;

  • If a natural approach works, stay away from anything artificial.


In the field of gynaecology diagnosis and treatment, Isabel follows the thoughts of Professor Runsan Xu, an internationally famous expert on the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine in gynaecology. For the last few years she had gone back to Beijing every summer to work for several days with Professor Qianting Xin, a prominent specialist gynecologist and the last apprentice of Professor Runsan Xu. This keeps her up to date with the most recent advances in gynaecology.