You care about me as much as my mother did!"


- By one of our earlest customers in Surbiton who has been with us for 11 years. (15/07/2016)

I first attended Real Herbs for acupuncture treatment back in 2007.  I had trapped nerve in my neck which was very painful and hadn’t responded to strong pain killers.


Acupuncture helped considerably and following my course of treatment I decided to have sessions on a regular basis to help me effectively manage stress, boost my well-being and maintain my energy levels.  Apart from achieving all these goals, acupuncture and occasionally a course of herbs has helped with a variety of injuries I’ve received as a result of heavy lifting and a fall when ice skating.  But I’ve also noticed other benefits over the years: I seem to have fewer colds, hardly ever need to take Hay Fever medication anymore and generally feel a lot more relaxed, robust and energetic.


The service I have received at Real Herbs has been exceptionally good and all I could have asked for.  The Practitioners are empathic, knowledgeable and very professional. I feel confident that I’m in very capable hands when they are treating me."


-  Retired Associate Specialist Psychiatrist (12/12/2016)

I'm thankful to have found this clinic and very grateful for their care and attention. I return regularly for acupuncture and cupping and have confidence in their treatment and advice. 
I feel so refreshed every time I walk out of here, and wouldn't choose to go anywhere else! "

-  By one of our customers since 2008 who is a Manager of Alternative Therapy Clinic in the neighbouthood of Surbiton (17/08/2016)

"Came today with problem on arm due to gardening. Muscle very tight and sore.
Was very impressed with service and advice. They managed to fit me in and were very accommodating with treatment.
I was very wary of acupuncture but I felt so comfortable and was looked after at every stage.
I would highly recommend their services. Advice given without trying to sell, etc.. Not many places do that!
Give it a visit. You will not be disappointed. Looking forward to my next visit already! "
                                                          Mrs. Gale  (30/08/2016) 

"Very pleased to have come to this clinic. I felt hard to walk as my back was painful. After a session of half an hour, I could feel a major difference as my back feeling so much better. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.

BTW the acupuncturist knew I was prepared to do one full hour session, but he suggested that 30 minutes could be enough after he checked my physical condition. This showed me that he cares more about his patient than just money! "

​                                                                      Mr. Russell  (14/10/2016)

" I’ve had lots of treatments elsewhere for my back pain over the past years. I can’t believe how revitalized I feel after one session of acupuncture here. This dramatic improvement is amazing - I am energized and almost pain free! Thank you very much! "


                                                                             Bola (29/10/2016)

" I had severe pain in the neck and back due to injuries over years of martial arts, and got really good improvement in just one session - 99% of pain removed.

Jun is professional and knowledgeable – worth recommendation! "

                                                                             Paul (07/11/2016)

" I had an injury on my shoulder two days ago and could barely move my left hand. After one session of acupuncture at Real Herbs, the pain is all gone!  Now I can hold anything with this hand.

The acupuncturist is friendly and his advice is helpful. I am so happy with his treatment and would recommend him to anyone who has the same problem as mine."


                                                                                      Catherine (05/01/2017)

More testimonials to come!


- Further update will be available after written consent received from customers for their verbal comments